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Meditations and exercises to heal

Most people require some type of healing. Everyone is plagued by their own negative thoughts, as well as illness and injury. No matter if you are a professional or not, you can perform simple healing meditations or exercises that can produce remarkable results. As a Distant Healing Network volunteer I often suggest simple exercises or meditations for healing that can bring lasting and full healing. We often have to repeat the meditations, so the healing is not always immediate. Sometimes the healing is immediate. Visit here.

Simple Visualizations and Affirmations

We will become what our thoughts, opinions and ideas about ourselves and the world around them. A common problem we face, especially if we have experienced a long-term injury or illness, is to get caught up in the belief that we are hurt or sick. This belief that we’re injured or ill can lead to new illnesses and injuries, as well as keep us from getting sick.

Sometimes we aren’t aware of these negative thoughts. We have become used to feeling sick or injured. Affirmations can be used to combat these negative thoughts, conscious and unconscious. We replace them with positive thoughts. If you have used this technique in the past you may find that it is enough to repeat your affirmation only a few time to restore balance and improve health. At first, however, you may need to repeat your affirmations several times per day over a prolonged period of time.

It is important that your affirmation be brief, simple, and uncomplicated. Choose the affirmation of the opposite positive emotion, if your problem is more emotional. Your affirmation might be “Joy, joy and joy” if your problem is depression. If you are easily angered, afraid, or anxious, you could use the phrase “Peace and peace, peace, love”. Or, “Calm, calm, calm.” Or, “I’m the soul”. Or, you can say “I am Radiant Light”. It will be obvious if the correct phrase was chosen. Then you will experience the calm, peace, or joy that you were looking for.

If the problem is more physical, you can use the same antidote: “I feel completely healthy and happy” (or “I am completely healed”) and imagine it. Feel filled and surrounded by the Divine Light. You will feel fully healed, happy, and healthy. You can also feel it. Feel what it feels like to be healthy, happy, and/or not injured. I just completed this exercise a moment or so earlier today and instead of being on my back with the flu, now I am at the computer happily writing this Journal Entry. Many miracles, which we humans call “miracles”, are often simply a simple change of our thinking.

Simple Prayers

Always ask for a permanent and complete healing. Inwardly, add “If it’s Thy Will”. Always say “Thanks”, regardless of whether or not you have been fully healed. You should not wait to thank the miracle worker for miracles. Be simple with your prayers. They don’t have be complex. You don’t have to list every problem you are having. It is enough to ask for complete and lasting healing. Then, say “Thank you.” It’s often a good idea for someone to give you something in return. When we trust God fully, our prayers will be answered in the best possible ways for both our souls as well as those of others.

I can call on anyone and everyone that I can think to help me when I need healing or support. The Holy angels, God and saints can all be called upon. When you call upon the saints for assistance, you don’t have to know their names nor which saint to call. You can simply ask for the saint that will heal you, whatever he/she might be. Same goes for angels. Leave it all to God and trust that God will send you who you need. We humans have a tendency to complicate even simple things. When in fact, God is behind both our biggest and most insignificant accomplishments.

Even though it might seem strange, sometimes the greatest healings occur when we pray for others. Divine Healing is all about deepening your relationship with God. Our Lady, Medjugorje, said that each of us should choose our own spiritual path, and then work our best. This is why God should be at the centre of our lives.